Before We’ve Had A Chance To Meet


We know it’s strange.

We know it’s a little (or a lot) awkward to be meeting people for the first time who may end up massaging your back as you labor. We know that finding the right doulas for your labor support can make a huge impact on how you feel about your birth experience. We know that you and your partner have a lot of questions about what a doula does and why you need one. We know that you’re probably a big ball of anxiety and excitement that this baby will be making its way into your world soon. Like, reeeealllllly soon! We also know that we’re going to get through this together!

Take a deep breath. We’re here to help.

We will start off with introductions. You tell me a bit about yourselves and we’ll do the same. We’ll ask you about your family, your pregnancy, what you’re thinking about for your birth, and what concerns you’re dealing with. We won’t be at a loss for words. You have a lot on your mind, and we want to hear everything that is important to you. We may guide our discussion with gentle questions, but we want to HEAR you. We want you to ask your questions, share your worries, and let us get a glimpse into your world.

Soon, we’ll be friends. Honest to goodness friends.

You will be comfortable asking us ALL of your questions. We’ll talk about a whole lot of intimate information, and you’ll be comfortable doing so because you’ll know that we truly care about you.

When you call us to let us know that these contractions feel very different, we will be so excited to share this time with you. We may even squeal with joy! We’ll jump out of bed at 3:00 am filled with happiness, because we get to support you as you become parents. We will tear up and we will hug. We’ll take care of your partner, so they’re more able to take care of you. We’ll hold you as you labor, and help you discover how incredibly strong you are. We’ll breathe with you, and mop your forehead as you push your baby into this world. We will share your joy as you have your first tender moments with your baby, and help you as you figure out how to nurse them for the first time.

These are the moments we will get to share. Although, we know it may be strange to meet us for the first time, all amazing relationships have to start somewhere. We look forward to meeting you, soon.

Love Thy Labor,





Meghann Scaife

3 years ago

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