Pregnancy & Birth Services

Why work with a Doula?


As doulas, we are educated and experienced guides through pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood. We arrange individualized preparation for your unique birth. We know that you will make the best choices for your family based off of your own needs and desires, and we will do our best to make sure those expectations are honored by everyone surrounding your birth. We provide hands-on continuous support through your labor and birth. We utilize proven comfort techniques and continuous encouragement for a safer and more satisfying birth experience. We present you with evidence- based information, and act as a living resource to help you understand your bodyyour birthyour baby, and your choices.

Birth Doula Services

We currently offer two package options for our clients! Click below for more information and pricing on both packages.

If you're interested in our Childbirth Education classes, you may add those on to either coverage package for just $300!

This package will allow you to select the doula partners you would prefer to be available for your birth. The doulas you choose to work with will arrange to go through the two prenatal classes in the privacy of your home, and around your schedule. This time is designed to build your relationship with your doulas while you explore your choices in birth together. The doulas you have chosen will be available via text and phone throughout your pregnancy. The doulas you have chosen will then be on-call for your birth for the two weeks before and after your estimated due date.

Your doulas will work with you to decide at what point you would like one of them to join you in your labor. They will ensure that you have continuous support for up to two hours after the delivery of your baby to help you with your recovery, and to help establish your initial feeding. They will then arrange to visit you for a postpartum appointment in your home. At that time we will talk through your labor, we will make sure you are recovering well, and answer any questions about your self or your baby.

In the event your selected doulas are both unable to be present for your labor, they will arrange for the doula on-call to support you until one of your selected doulas becomes available.

Our Birth Coverage package is $1,500.

This package includes everything in our usual birth doula support package, and adds the expert eye of our trusted partner, Becky Field of Field House Photography. Becky will join us for your labor and delivery, and up to two hours after baby has arrived, to document your full birth story. Included in her services is a beautiful digital collection of JPG images to commemorate your experience.

Our Birth Doula + Photography package is $2,000.

To reserve your spot in our calendar, we require a signed contract and a deposit of $500. The remaining balance is due by the 38th week of your pregnancy. If you are past your 34th week of pregnancy, or you would like to discuss labor coverage only, please contact us to discuss your options.

We also offer a variety of specialized services to enhance your birth and postpartum experience! Click below for more information on:

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Birth Circle

Looking for a place to connect with other mamas? Our monthly Birth Circle meetings are a fantastic time to meet other moms and find a diverse village of supportive ladies as we navigate motherhood together!

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